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Urgent advisory to all First Air passengers regarding

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones

First Air is restricting all movement of any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on all flights. The ban is due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 global recall and the subsequent Transport Canada Safety Advisory and updates to that advisory. This ban extends to all flights, including passenger, freighter, and charter flights.

Under no circumstances are Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices permitted on board a First Air aircraft.

This includes a new restriction prohibiting any carriage in the passenger cabin effective immediately.

The lithium ion batteries used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are deemed damaged and defective and under normal conditions of transport produce a flame or dangerous evolution of heat, or produce a toxic, corrosive or flammable gas vapours.

Passengers must be advised at Check-in and Prior to boarding of the restriction.

Passengers travelling with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 must be denied UNLESS they remove and divest themselves and their baggage, including carry-on and checked of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

If you have any questions about the ban:

Contact your nearest First Air Office or call the First Air Customer Contact Centre at
1 800 267 1247.

Visit firstair.ca for more information about baggage and cargo regulations.

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