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Johnny Adams
Executive Chairman
Chris Avery
President & CEO
Rashwan Domloge
Vice President, Maintenance and Engineering
Shannon Montpellier
Vice President, Finance (Interim)
Aaron Speer
Vice President, Flight Operations

Makivik Corporation

First Air is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Makivik Corporation since 1990.

Makivik Corporation was established in 1978, by way of special legislation of the Province of Quebec that gave the corporation the mandate to receive and administer compensation monies on behalf of the Inuit of Northern Quebec and to oversee the proper implementation of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA). The JBNQA was signed in 1975 and was the first of Canada’s Aboriginal land claim settlement agreements.

In the Inuktitut language, Makivik means “advancement” which reflects the company’s mandate to advance the political, economic and social conditions of the Inuit of Northern Quebec. The Inuit of Northern Quebec refer to the portion of Quebec located north of the 55th parallel of latitude, the area of their traditional land use and occupation, as the region of “Nunavik”. There are fourteen communities located within this region.

The Corporation’s distinct mandates range from owning and operating large profitable business enterprises and generating jobs; to social economic development, improving housing conditions, protection of the Inuit language and culture as well as the natural environment.

For more information on Makivik Corporation’s activities and investments, visit makivik.org.

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